The European Super League in 2018

stadium-seating By J Hutcherson (Jan 23, 2018) US Soccer Players - It's not just since Deloitte started doing the work and showing us how much money European soccer clubs make. It's not the idea of clubs as brands capable of generating worldwide revenue. It's not the lobby group the biggest clubs in Europe once ran for their own benefit. The idea that the biggest teams in Europe should for a league to address their mutual best interests has been the obvious conclusion for a very long time. The question since the Premier League breakaway and the creation of the Champions League in the early 90s remains the same. Why is it taking so long? American soccer's current fascination with promotion and relegation is at least partly in response to the specific MLS model. Soccer league as business plan under a restrictive single-entity system strips away a lot of the romance. There's Continue reading "The European Super League in 2018"

MLS players pushing for trades

lee-nguyen-new-england-revolution-soccer By Jason Davis – WASHINGTON DC (Jan 19, 2018) US Soccer Players - The MLS offseason drips with intrigue over international signings in a manner previously unseen in its more than two decades of existence. Rumors abound, a function of a new influx of cash infiltrating the league through big money ownership and initiatives created to expand the power of the salary budget. While tracking the possibility of arrivals from South America, another trend had taken hold during the MLS version of the silly season. A spate of high profile MLS players have expressed a desire to be traded, giving the winter an extra layer of intrigue. The phenomenon is another example of the rising tide of player power in a league that is known for using a heavy hand over player movement. Without easily achievable free agency, players are left to try and improve their situation by pushing for Continue reading "MLS players pushing for trades"

Rubio Rubin talks USMNT camp and player development

usmnt-player-rubio-rubin-january-camp-carson-soccer By Charles Boehm – WASHINGTON, DC (Jan 19, 2018) US Soccer Players - Three years ago, Rubio Rubin seemed to have the world at his feet. A star of the USMNT U-17 squad, he won US Soccer’s Young Male Athlete of the Year in 2012. Rubin made an ambitious move to Dutch Eredivisie side FC Utrecht when he turned 18, signing a four-year contract in March 2014. USMNT coach Jurgen Klinsmann handed the versatile attacker his USMNT debut a few months later in a friendly vs Colombia at Craven Cottage in London. Rubin’s solid showing suggested that he could be a building block as a new World Cup qualifying cycle dawned. He would finish his first Eredivisie season with three goals for Utrecht, then chipped in two goals to help the USMNT mount a gutsy run to the quarterfinals of the 2015 U-20 World Cup in New Zealand. Things can Continue reading "Rubio Rubin talks USMNT camp and player development"