Don’t Take Me Home trailer: documentary follows Wales’s incredible Euro 2016 – video

Don’t Take Me Home tells the story of Wales’s Euro 2016 campaign in France where Chris Coleman’s side reached the last four the tournament. The documentary comes from Welsh film-maker Jonny Owen and will be released across the UK on 3 March, with limited screenings taking place on 1 March, St David’s Day Continue reading...

A brief history of the World Cup, European Championship and Copa America on US TV

Brief History of Soccer on American TV As Christopher Harris reported here at World Soccer Talk, the final ratings for Euro 2016 were, much like the quality of play, decent but not spectacular. Copa América Centenario, thanks to Univision’s reach and the USMNT’s run, captured a slightly bigger audience. But by putting the numbers for the two tournaments into context, we can see just how far the sport has come in this country. With the ability to now stream every match, whether scarfing a slice on Coney Island or sipping a cortadito on South Beach while chasing Pikachu on our phones, it’s easy to forget just how abominable soccer coverage here once was. As with World Soccer Talk’s essential history of Premier League TV availability, remembering what American soccer coverage was like reminds us of how the sport’s slide into the mainstream was a monumental struggle.   “Given the ratings, I don’t think anyone will
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Leicester or Iceland: Which is the best cinderella story of 2016?

Photo credit: AFP

Photo credit: AFP

The world of sport has been truly blessed in the year of 2016, I don’t think anyone can argue that. But more importantly the game of soccer, the Beautiful Game if you will, has been completely transformed. Just like 2010 gave us tiki-taka, 2016 has given us hope. Whether you’re a player or a fan, the stories of this year have given us reason to believe! The question is, who is more of a cinderella story: Iceland or Leicester City? Iceland: The entire country of Iceland has a booming population of 332,000 (the size of Leicester), and by booming I am referring to the overwhelming list of active volcanoes on the island. The smallest state in the U.S., Rhode Island, has more registered footballers than the entire country. Their coach, Herman Hreidarsson, is a dentist. Maybe the best day in Iceland football history prior to Continue reading "Leicester or Iceland: Which is the best cinderella story of 2016?"

Didier Deschamps’ mismanagement led to France’s downfall at Euro 2016

didier-deschamps Didier Deschamps could not have mismanaged his France team any worse than he did at the Euros. First, after late winners obscured two otherwise unconvincing performances that brought his team safe passage to the knockout phase of the tournament, Deschamps was presented with a golden opportunity: a quasi-dead-rubber match, against Switzerland, to settle on a formation and identify his best lineup, before (cutthroat) competition begins in earnest. Yet he did not grasp at the chance. One can understand the protection of N’Golo Kanté (a top 10 player this past season, perhaps even top five) and Olivier Giroud (a top 10 player every season in terms of spilled chances), as they were suspension risks. But the benching of Dimitri Payet, the indispensable play-maker on Deschamps’ squad, as he endeavors to mold his star-laden individuals into a well-gelled unit — to discover its identity — was foolhardy. Second, is the preference for Giroud
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Spanish-language viewing numbers for Euro 2016 on ESPN Deportes

euro-2016-espn Earlier this week we reported the viewing figures for ESPN’s coverage of Euro 2016. Here are the English-language viewing figures for Copa America on FOX vs. Euro 2016 on ESPN:
Teams Channel Viewing avg.
France vs. Romania ESPN Deportes 129,000
Albania vs. Switzerland ESPN Deportes 58,000
Wales vs. Slovakia ESPN Deportes 122,000
England vs. Russia ESPN Deportes 197,000
Croatia vs. Turkey ESPN Deportes 63,000
Poland vs. N. Ireland ESPN Deportes 128,000
Germany vs. Ukraine ESPN Deportes 186,000
Spain vs. Czech Republic ESPN Deportes 63,000
Ireland vs. Sweden ESPN Deportes 79,000
Belgium vs. Italy ESPN Deportes 141,000
Austria vs. Hungary ESPN Deportes 32,000
Portugal vs. Iceland ESPN Deportes 153,000
Russia vs. Slovakia ESPN Deportes 12,000
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Case Jernigan’s surreal summary of Euro 2016

Case Jernigan and New York-based studio Make Savvy have put forth a brilliant animated short surreal film that wraps up the highlights and lowlights of Euro 2016 very well. Put on the job by The Guardian after the final, the video sums up many of the important twists and turns that led to Portugal’s unlikely […]