Your USMNT Line-Up v Portugal

Well... I got the back line I wanted, the central midfield triangle I asked for is there, and Sapong gets a shot. And yet, all I can think about is how we should bar coaches from using a 4-4-2. I mean, why??? Hrmph. Go time in Portugal. Introducing your final #USMNT starting XI for 2017.Lineup notes » — U.S. Soccer (@ussoccer) November 14,

I could go for some…

It wasn't too difficult to pick the back I'd like to see in the USMNT's friendly at Portugal tonight, but there's just so many guys beyond the defense on hand to take a look at - can't see 'em all, unfortunately. In any event, we do get a head start on the next cycle, so it greatly bothers me to see some observes call this a meaningless match.I certainly see the logic behind starting Agudelo and

Clearing The Racks

Do forgive me for situationally sending you to a shop link, but I thought you might like to peruse a list of the top 25 jersey-selling players in MLS this season. It's interesting to see nearly half of the guys on the list play for either Atlanta United (five mentions) or Seattle (six). New York City FC and Portland were the only other clubs with as many as three players in the list.   It is good

Picking a Portugal roster

A day behind original schedule and racing against the USMNT roster reveal, I've decided to swap order on the next two bits. Pick the selection now, and get to the dead ball duties later. It's a group of 26, which is kinda large for a one-off friendly - but I dun care. They're all important games when we need to learn things. I especially want to see how certain players react. I don't expect to

Here Or There?

Piggy-backing on to that last Christian Pulisic post, it's time to run down all the USMNT guys who will be rightfully considered at more than one position on the Clipboard. Several of the wingers can be used on either side, but that's fairly obvious, so I skipped over them here. However, there are some very valuable and potentially helpful pieces to think about when it comes to finding optimum