Watch the World Cup with crowd noise and no commentary

What if you could watch the World Cup at home, work or on-the-go without having to listen to the announcer? Normally, your choice would be to press the mute button or to just stick it out, but technology has created a better solution. Sling TV now offers the choice to watch the World Cup games with the natural sound from the stadium and no commentary. The feeds that are available from Sling TV with no commentary are: • Match 360: Beginning two hours before each kickoff, the behind-the-scenes Match 360 feed shows everything from team bus arrivals to warm-ups before the game. Once the game kicks off, Match 360 will switch to the Tactical View. • Tactical View: With the Tactical View, you’ll be able to watch the game with just the crowd noise and no commentary. Positioned high above one of the goals, this view shows all 22 players the pitch and reveals the shape of the offense and defense of both nations. At the end of the match, coverage switches to on-field post-match interviews, followed by both team press conferences. The bonus feeds are available with any Sling International subscription. The following in-language feeds are available: Arabic — Includes bonus feeds (with no commentary) as well as Arabic commentary. Portuguese — Includes bonus feeds (with no commentary) as well as Brazilian Portuguese commentary. French — Includes bonus feeds (with no commentary) as well as French commentary. Polish — Includes bonus feeds (with no commentary) as well as Polish commentary. There is also a World Sports package which includes all bonus feeds, as well as Portuguese and French commentary. Sign up for Sling TV today.